SOAR Commission LLC strives to provide empowerment to families and caregivers that results in effective educational support and improves the quality of a child’s life.

Our VALUES reflect our desire to EMPOWER families:

Excellence:  We strive to provide trusted and reliable services that exceed expectations.

Motivation:  We recognize that improving a child’s educational plan can make a substantial difference in the quality of the child’s life.

Partnership:  We believe in the importance of creating an effective working relationship between families, schools, and specialists.

Open-MindednessWe view each child as a unique learner and, therefore, recognize that each child has unique educational requirements.

WisdomWe recognize that experience, professional knowledge, and good judgement are needed to help our clients.

Education:  We help families to become more informed about the special education process, available resources, and their rights so they can become more effective TEAM members.

Resourcefulness:  We maintain expertise regarding the most up-to-date procedures and regulations through regular professional development and participation in professional organizations.