Providing Support, Opportunities, Advocacy, and Resources for families with disabled children (birth – age 21) throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire who are:

  • Seeking assistance with Early Intervention services (birth-age 3) or transitioning from Early Intervention into a preschool special education program.
  • Seeking an initial Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or 504 program.
  • Looking to improve an existing educational program.
  • Trying to obtain appropriate educational services, programs, accommodations, or modifications to meet the unique needs of their child (including transition services and out-of-district placement).
  • Looking for support to collaboratively resolve a disagreement regarding services, programs, accommodations or modifications.


Providing assistance with:

  • Organization of documents
  • Review of evaluations and reports completed by specialists and school personnel
  • Analysis of a student’s current or proposed educational program
  • Consultation with independent evaluators and/or attorneys
  • Collaboration with family, school, and community providers
  • Review of Special Education rights, procedures, timelines, resources, and available programs
  • Obtaining appropriate services, programs , and accommodations/modifications to meet the student’s individual needs.
  • Placement and transition options
  • Advocacy and support for meetings and mediation
  • Application of strategies to refocus the TEAM’s attention to the needs of the child
  • Follow-up to insure program compliance
  • Generation of documents and correspondence to be shared with school TEAM and/or specialists