Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. - George Evans

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Welcome to SOAR Commission LLC.  Developing effective educational programs and obtaining proper services for a child with a disability can be a very intimidating and demanding process.  Our goal is to be a primary resource throughout Massachusetts that enables our clients to become more effective members of their child’s special education TEAM.  Our expert staff is trained and experienced regarding special education regulations and has the experience necessary to successfully advocate for children.  We are committed to empowering families so their children can receive the most effective programs and services available by providing Support, Opportunities, Advocacy, and Resources.


Support: We can help take the emotions out of meetings and insure that the child remains the focus of the meeting.  We serve as an independent person to listen to the meeting and help see the big picture.  We help insure that you are treated as an equal TEAM member.  We assist with documentation and organization of documents.

Opportunities:  We empower, inform, guide and educate families to strengthen their own advocacy skills and become more aware of available community support through seminars/webinars, books, parent training programs

Advocacy: We assist families to use laws/regulations effectively and obtain the most effective educational program possible.

Resources:  We help families to acquire and use relevant materials for support.


E-mail:  lpaige@soarcommission.com

Phone:  978-390-5854